Standing on the shore gazing out over Chaleur Bay, one of the World’s Most Beautiful Bays, you are in the very heart of L’Acadie. Exploring the streets of Caraquet, you quickly discover that a passion for living permeates the air as much as the scent of salt and seaweed. Sipping a drink at an outdoor café, you watch the smiling faces and hear the sounds of music and laughter, the sounds of L’Acadie.

Denise and Fernand Dumaresq greet their guests at the door of their B&B with a rhubarb cocktail, a tasty Acadian tradition that symbolizes welcome. It’s just one of the traditions that guests experience at L’Isle-du-Randonneur near Caraquet. Crossing the threshold, you’re not just entering a house that’s more than 150 years old; you’re also walking into the welcoming embrace of the Acadian people.

“Acadians celebrate life and laughter,” Denise says. “We want them to feel like they’re part of the family — not just our family, but the whole Acadian family.”

L’Isle-du-Randonneur has four inviting bedrooms, each with a private bath – the flowered country-style Sarah’s Room, the Writers’ Room, where world-famous Acadian writer Antonine Maillet stays when she visits Caraquet; the Master’s Bedroom, a two-bedroom suite, perfect for families; and Xavier’s Room, with a1940s theme.

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